Visual Art
Henry Scott calls the pad and pen both his reliable friends and allies, and his stream-of-consciousness doodling provides him a source of sanity. Often made while he explores life internal, the drawings, he says, reveal themselves one line at a time, occasionally sending him to unexpected and transformative places.

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Henry is not new to traveling, too, beyond his imagination. At the age of 18, he began a 13-year venture across the United States, Canada and Central Europe, holding jobs as a performer, director, and choreographer. While on the road, he searched for meaning and purpose in the seemingly banal and superficial world, and spent time perusing his family history to make sense of his place in it.

Henry currently works the theater scene in Birmingham, Alabama, as the Artist in Residence at the Red Mountain Theatre Company (RMTC). This is not his first stint in Birmingham or at the theater, which he now calls his theatrical home. In prior travels to Birmingham, Henry has directed the RMTC’s productions of Shout!, Les Miserables, and Big Fish; choreographed Dreamgirls and 13; and did the sound creation for MLK.

Henry’s art

Abstract photography



Interactive art

Ink drawings

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